For everyone who is seeking hope

Today I would like to recommend a book. It’s not only one book, it’s the first book I wrote and finished and it will be published in 2 weeks on Amazon.

Even though I am not a big fan of authors telling you to read their book because it’s good (of course we like the books we’re writing otherwise we wouldn’t publish them) I want to tell you that if you are seeking hope and strength because you’re going through hell then this book will help you.
I went through hell. Through the hell of sexual abuse and rape. Through the hell of a broken heart, of feeling broken, hopeless and numbness yet I came out alive and here I am writing for every soul out there that suffers.

“From the Ashes I Will Rise” delivers information about the consequences of rape and sexual abuse from the survivor’s point of view. It delivers hope and happiness. You will learn about panic attacks and the feeling of being paralized, about surviving and about finding your way back to the bright side of life.

Mainly it’s written in poetry and thoughts where you can see and feel how I was suffering but also how much beauty you can find in life. It’s about love, life, hope, suffering and recovering. If you are going through hell right now because something terrible happened to you such as rape or even something else, especially if it’s a toxic relationship, then I want to give you hope and love that you get through this.

It’s a book from a rape survivor for other survivors, especially the ones who see themselves as victims or who blame themselves for what happened. You are not what happened to you and it’s not your fault. Trust me, I’ve been there.

My heart and soul bled into “From the Ashes I Will Rise” and after some people read it or the first few pages they told me that I gave them hope even if they did not go through PTSD or experienced sexual assault or rape. It’s a book for everyone but especially dedicated to all the souls out there that suffer. You are not alone.

I really hope I can help you at least a little bit with it. Have a look: From The Ashes I Will Rise



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