Moon Dancer

Moon Dancer is now available!
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Moon Dancer: A collection of poetry

โ€œDear self,

I wrote about pain,

I wrote about the agony

and I wrote about the anxiety,

but now it’s time to turn the page.

Dear self,

I love you.

I cherish you.

I love how you are there for others without asking anything in return.

I love how you feel other people’s pain as it was yours.

I love who you’ve become and the direction you’re going.

I’m proud of you,

for opening up,

for never giving up entirely and for always being able to smile through the ache of your heart and soul.

I’m proud of you for picking up your pieces,

for the tears you shed and the smile you put on afterwards.

I’m proud of the love you still have to give

after you felt like everything was taking away from your heart and soul.

Dear self, dear you,
I love you.โ€


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From the Ashes I Will Rise


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