“He will tell you how beautiful you are.
The most beautiful he has ever come across.
How you rose the bar just by being you
and how crazy his last women were.
He will tell you to never hold anything back
because keeping feelings inside can
be damaging to you.
You will be his soulmate
and he will tell you he wants to do this and go there
and do that with you.
He will tell you how he was waiting for you
his whole life
and that you must be the reason why it never worked
out with anyone else before.
Because you two are meant to be together.

And then, then you feel special and loved.
You slowly start trusting him and then you slowly
start falling for him.
You will tell him about your fears and pain.

But then, then he leaves you
without ever having actually acted the way he
No actions have ever followed his words.
He will leave you hanging
and then you will feel more lonely than ever.
He will hold your weaknesses against you
and judges you for talking about your pain.
He will tell you how self-centred you are and that he
just wants to be happy
yet you cannot make him happy.

words are nice and beautiful
but if actions never follow, they are just words.
Do not believe anyone everything,
love-bombing is a good way to gain control over
to create an attachment and to make you feel
as though you cannot live
without that person anymore.
Let him prove to you that he means
what he says.
And never forget,
you survived the turmoil of life
before he came across,
so you will be fine without him
in your life.

You deserve someone who means what
he says.”

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Surviving the turmoil of life.

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