Be a Queen

Normally I don’t get inspired by celebrities like Beyoncé to write a blog post but I must admit that I find it interesting how she is celebrating her pregnancy. My whole facebook feed is full of articles about her Grammy performance the other day. I read lots of comments from people complaining about her, saying that she was extremely egocentric and that it’s not normal to celebrate a pregnancy like that, she is behaving like she actually thinks she was a queen.

Whilst I think it might be true that she is a little bit too full of herself I’d also like to ask you what can we learn from her?

Almost every woman gets pregnant during her lifetime and gives birth so we tend to think it’s nothing special. But what we also tend to forget is that it’s still a wonder, a miracle that a new life is created. Women give life to this earth yet women are the ones that are being oppressed in most parts of the world. Women are the ones that are not appreciated enough for what they do.
Beyoncé is a woman that celebrates being a woman.

Why do you think men oppressed and still oppress women all over the world?
Because women are weaker?
No, because they exactly know that a woman who knows her worth is dangerous because she is independent. Men need women. Of course, women often need men, too, but men pretend like only they were needed and as though they wouldn’t need women for success and that they’re smarter and stronger. But why do they oppress us then? If we are weaker and less intelligent anyway?

It’s time for us to stand up and celebrate being women just like Beyoncé does.
We give love and life to this earth.
The woman’s body is holy as it’s creating the purest and most beautiful magic there is: New life.
Your body is a holy temple.

Beyoncé makes pregnancy holy again, Beyoncé shows us that women are holy and while she might exaggerate a bit, we cannot forget that she still is an artist.

To all the women out there that carry the unborn child, you are beautiful and it’s time for you to see it for yourself.
To all the women out there, start celebrating being a queen because you are a queen.

The queen of nature.

And I do not want to say that women should start oppressing men, no. It’s time for unity. It’s time for peace and equity.
Treat women like they deserve it and you will get more love back than you can ever imagine.
Treat your woman like a queen and she will make you feel like a king.


f9404dcf075af19d6d2ea3556f2fbe24.jpgPhoto credit: unknown (let me know if you know who’s picture that is, found it on google)


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